The Seminar of Hope can have a profound impact on the prayer lives of attendees

These are some of the testimonies we have received from Seminar of Hope attendees. 

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"I watched your EWTN series - 'Seminar of Hope - How to pray for your Sons and Daughters and Your Loved Ones’. My elder son suffered from addiction. I followed your illustration and talks on how to pray for my son. He is now free from his addiction and goes to mass nearly daily and prays. You have helped me tremendously. I took your prayers and illustrations seriously and prayed them sitting in front of the Blessed Sacrament. My son is healed and is free now and I want to thank you. I distribute your talks to other mothers at my parish and they find them helpful. God bless you and I thank you again.”  - TS - United Kingdom 

"The Seminar of Hope talk was a real Godsend for my daughter and her husband in praying for their daughter Dawn. She had been lost and found beaten on the streets of Calgary. God rescued Dawn from a life-threatening situation. We took her to a spiritual recovery centre and this was so wonderful for her. She did her Internship in Christian Counselling there and now will be taking a course in Ministry and Religious Studies. She is flourishing in her love of Jesus — I even think she will be writing a book about this in the future!”  - Cecile Mascaro-Thibert, St. John Vianney Parish - Windsor, ONT

"I have attended many other mission-type seminars but none has ever touched my heart or left me filled with the spirit in the way this one did. I was particularly captivated in the manner in which the scripture passages used in the presentation were interpreted, (as I had never heard them before), and used to relate to the theme of the mission. The true-life examples used throughout were awe-inspiring and added to the power of the presentation.” - Kendrick Mohammed, Prince of Peace Church - Scarborough, ONT

"This has been the most life changing for me. I have been convicted of the importance of reading the Word of God and knowing the Word of God and living the Word of God. Vernon Robertson is an anointed speaker. His words are spirit and truth because he speaks of who he knows and that is Jesus Christ.” - Geraldine Campbell, Immaculate Conception Parish - Delta, BC

"I now realize that spiritual healing must begin first in my life and then in the lives of my loved ones." 

"It’s a miracle…my husband didn’t want to come at first and now he is spending an hour a day in the Word."

"At 9:45 AM on the Saturday, I decided to entrust my children to the Lord."

"I felt God telling me: I love you and will take care of you and your loved me."

"The seminar gave me realistic strategies for prayer, not only for my children but for my entire family…I am now more hopeful." 

"It was so practical…so well explained and deeply rooted in scripture.” - St Michael Catholic Community - Calgary, AB

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