Seminar of Hope Manual, DVD and CD

Free Seminar of Hope Manual

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Download a free copy of the Seminar of Hope Manual, Father’s Love Letter, and other helpful prayers:

Seminar of Hope Manual 

Father’s Love Letter  (used by permission)

Forgiveness prayer

Children's prayer before school

Seminar of Hope 12-Episode DVD Series

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For those whose loved ones' faith has faltered, Vernon Robertson has an answer, in this EWTN Home Video series. Robertson brings his ministry as an evangelist to bear on sharing the scriptures with families whose children seem far from God. The 12-episode series rings with the truth and the experience of a parent who himself has learned how to apply Biblical lessons to his own loved ones' needs. Perfect for use in small groups in your home, school or church; perhaps after dropping the kids for school or catechism classes. 

For Canadian orders contact Vernon Robertson. The cost for the 4 DVD/~6 hour series is CAD $40 including shipping and handling within Canada. Payment by cheque or money order only.  

For US orders call EWTN at 1-800-854-6316. Their Customer Service phone number is 1-205-271-2990.

Seminar of Hope 5-CD Set

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Do your loved ones no longer practice the faith or believe in God? This practical seminar by Vernon Robertson, a member of Renewal Ministries' Canadian Board, will help you grow in faith and hope, and know God's peace as you discover how God is at work in them through your prayers. 

To order the Seminar of Hope 5-CD sets on “How to Pray for your Sons, Daughters and Loved Ones, please contact the following:

For Canadian orders contact Vernon Robertson. The cost for the 5-CD sets is CAD $25 including shipping and handling within Canada. Payment by cheque or money order only. 

For US Orders call Laura Gurta at Renewal Ministries (USA) at 1-734-662-1730 Ext. 127.

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