Do your loved ones no longer practice their faith or believe in God? 

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This practical and free "Seminar of Hope — How to Pray for Your Sons, Daughters & Loved Ones" will help you grow in faith and hope and know God's peace as you discover how God is at work in them through your prayers.

Vernon Robertson has led this seminar for more than 20 years based on his experience praying for his teenager children through some challenging times. 

The Seminar of Hope has given real hope to countless parents in praying for their loved ones by addressing topics such as:

  • How is your prayer life?
  • When good parents suffer, where is God?
  • How can we learn to pray like Jesus did?
  • What happens when parents come to Jesus on behalf of their children?
  • What are the obstacles to our prayers being answered?
  • What has God promised to do for our loved ones?
  • How does praying the power of God’s word into the lives of our loved ones transform us?

Without a doubt, the Holy Spirit powerfully uses the Seminar of Hope as a channel of healing and reconciliation for people from all walks of life. Fr Jerome Lavigne, St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Calgary, AB

Watch EWTN’s trailer video on the Seminar of Hope

To arrange a free Seminar of Hope in your Parish, please contact Vernon Robertson.

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